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Lambo OG x Lantz

2 award winning strains from the 2023 Mixed-Light Breeders Cup champion. Lantz and Lambo OG, were crossed to make RLF Lamboz.  

This is an F1 hybrid cross.  Expect there to be some variations from plant to plant.  Great for home growers who want some diversity or people looking to hunt that unicorn pheno.  There is definitely some magic in here to be found.

Lantz was 2023 Mixed Light Emerald Cup champion and also took home the 2023 Mixed Light Breeders Cup.  She is a beautiful mix of Green Lantern and Ridgeline Runtz, 2 former emerald cup winners.  Candy/Gas terps that coat your mouth and a vibrant purple color in the right environment.

Lambo OG has been a Ridgeline Staple over a decade.  She's a classic OG look and flavor, with resistance, and huge bud structure.  Bright lime green buds that stack, smokers and labs both agree she's a heavy hitter with a very cerebral high.

The offspring have a few different phenotypes.  Gas in everything with some pure fuel and funk and others more candy/gas.  Some plants will be bright green others will inherit some purple color at maturity. 

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Many have heard of the famed Emerald Triangle and more specifically Humboldt County. In this part of the world families have been working with the plant in secrecy for generations creating unique and diverse genetics.

Come join our family and bring some of these back to your circle.

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