Mendo Dope Bio


Hailing from the rugged and beautiful landscapes of the Mendocino County California the Mendo Dope Boys have become synonymous with cannabis culture.

With their roots in cannabis cultivation brothers Old E and Bleezy have honed their craft and perfected their techniques to produce some of the biggest, highest quality plants in the world. Their dedication to quality, sustainability, and authenticity has lead them down a long journey with genetics.  Learning the seed game from legendary breeder Subcool, they started developing their own varieties and were thankful to get to share this with you at Tangled Roots.


They are advocates for the small-scale farmer and believe in supporting local businesses and communities.  They turned their passion for music and cannabis into the music group Mendo Dope.  Creating some of the most authentic and real music representing the lifestyle of many Northern California ganja farmers.  Their music reflects their love for the plant and their dedication to spreading awareness about the benefits of cannabis.

In addition to their music, Mendo Dope also creates educational video content, sharing their knowledge and expertise on growing high-quality cannabis. They have a loyal following of fans who appreciate their transparency and authenticity.


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