Quick Seeds are still photoperiod seeds. They won't start flowering until the hours of light start getting shorter. Expect about 20% faster flower time with our quick varieties.

Quick flowering cannabis seeds are specially bred to have a shorter flowering time, allowing for quicker harvests. These seeds are ideal for growers looking to shorten their grow cycle and maximize their yields. With fast flowering times some of these varieties will finish in as quick as 6-7 weeks, these seeds are perfect for those looking for a quick and efficient growing experience.

Great option for growers in colder climates like, New York, Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, Montana and more.  Get them harvested and in your dry room before the bad weather hits.   

Quick seeds offer higher yields and faster finishing times compared to autoflowering and photoperiod strains. 

Compared to traditional photoperiod seeds our quicks (others call them fasts) will finished about 20% sooner. This trait is valuable for commercial cultivators looking to maximize their harvests and recreational growers wanting quicker results.

One of the biggest advantages of fast flowering seeds is their adaptability to almost any climate. These robust plants can thrive in both indoor and outdoor environments, making them ideal for growers in a variety of settings. The ability to harvest earlier also enables growers to avoid harsh winter weather, further increasing the appeal of quick flowering seeds.

Additionally, quick strains can be cloned, unlike autoflowering varieties. This allows for the creation of new mother plants and maintains the strong genetics of the original strain through subsequent generations.  You also have the ability to control the amount of vegetative growth before flipping them into flower.  Meaning you can still grow big plants in places like New York, Michigan, and Maine outside and they will finish before the weather hits.