Tangled Roots: Honoring Award-Winning Genetics and Decades of Dedication

The legacy of pioneering cannabis culture over the past 50 years is deeply rooted in the hills and valleys of Northern California, especially in the Emerald Triangle. The original back-to-the-land, anti-establishment ganja warriors moved to the heart of Humboldt and Mendocino Counties to escape society, create a simple life, and cultivate the strong sense of community we cherish today.

These old-timers leaned on each other, helping build neighbors’ homes, small rural schools, community centers, radio stations, and a plethora of non-profit organizations still thriving today. Despite the hardships, including imprisonment due to the failed war on drugs, these original herb farmers and their families are now able to step out of the shadows and celebrate their lifelong dedication to providing the finest cannabis to families worldwide.

The spirit of community instilled by the elders remains strong. Though some have passed, the next generation continues to build upon the work and community legacy left by their parents and grandparents. This life dedicated to community, family, and farming the highest quality medicine is legendary across the globe.

We are the legacy of a bygone era and are eternally grateful for the life given to us. With an energized dedication to land stewardship, the environment, and the evolution of cannabis medicine, the legacy farmers we work with are at the pinnacle of their craft. They deserve global recognition for their years of collective love for the plant and the people who have shared their artisanal herb for generations.

At Tangled Roots, we offer exclusive access to some of the most well-known and awarded Emerald Triangle genetics. These unique seeds are available only here at Tangled Roots Store.

Support legacy farmers. Support family farms. Support the culture and know your farmer.

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