Huckleberry Hill Collection

Huckleberry Hill Farms, renowned for their award-winning flower and hash genetics, is no stranger to excellence. For decades, they have been cultivating top-tier cannabis, perfecting their craft with a dedication that spans generations. What sets this moment apart is that for the first time, they are able to share their remarkable creations with the wider community.

At the heart of Huckleberry Hill's genetic treasure trove is the legendary Paradise Punch. This strain holds a special place in the heart of owner John Casali, as it is a strain he grew with his mother 45 years ago. Paradise Punch is not just a testament to the farm's rich heritage; it is the cornerstone of every cross they cultivate on the farm.

Paradise Punch's exceptional qualities have given rise to a lineage of award-winning strains that have captured the hearts of both connoisseurs and judges alike. Some of the standout progeny include Whitethorn Rose, Riddles, Mom's Weed, and Amalfi. Each of these strains carries the legacy of Paradise Punch, showcasing its remarkable attributes in unique and exciting ways.

Whitethorn Rose: A multi-award-winning strain that has earned over ten Emerald Cup accolades, including back-to-back first places in the ice water hash category. Its rich terpene profile and robust effects make it a favorite among enthusiasts.

Mom's Weed: A heartfelt homage to family and tradition, this strain delivers both exceptional flower quality and outstanding resin production, making it a versatile choice for various applications.

Amalfi: Known for its high potency and strong terpenes, this strain provides a powerful, uplifting experience reminiscent of a beautiful coastal sunset.

Whether you are seeking flower quality or top-notch hash production, Huckleberry Hill's strains deliver exceptional results. Each variety has been carefully bred and selected to ensure the highest standards of quality, resilience, and flavor.

Huckleberry Hill Farms invites you to explore their unique genetic offerings and experience the difference that decades of dedication and passion can make. Discover the magic of Paradise Punch and its award-winning offspring, and find your new favorite strain among the champions grown with love and expertise at Huckleberry Hill.