Started in 2010 by the King of CBD Lawrence Ringo, Sohum Seeds has created some of the most iconic and medicinal cultivars ever created, like Charlotte's Web, Sour Tsunami, Harle-Tsu, Ringo's Gift and AC/DC. 

Ringo unfortunately passed away in 2014 after his battle with cancer, but SoHum seeds lives on.   

Created at the very location once founded by the legendary Ringo in Whitethorn Humboldt County, So Hum Seeds has been reborn. With the blessing of the Ringo’s Family, So Hum seeds has restored its seed production and nursery under the partnership led by Jerry Savage of Savage Farms and enlisted help from HENDRX. Creating Ringo’s Gift S1 Feminized seeds was the first order of business.  Now available on Tangled Roots.  

Beyond the CBD varieties that SoHum Seeds has been known for they have also added some of the work from their partners at Savage Farms and Hendrx into their portfolio.  Including some really amazing THC dominant cultivars like Purple Rose, Tahoe Venom OG and more as well as some quick flowering varieties of some clone only legends like Gelonade, Glazed Apricot Gelato, Sour D, and more.  Check out some of their gear and let us know what you think.