CC33 x CC30 - Fems
CC33 x CC30 - Fems
CC33 x CC30 - Fems
CC33 x CC30 - Fems
CC33 x CC30 - Fems
CC33 x CC30 - Fems
CC33 x CC30 - Fems

CC33 x CC30 - Fems

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CC30 was chosen for its high potency, indoor-looking flower, amazing and gassy aroma and taste, growth and vigor, unique terpenes, long window of ripeness, storability, and resilience to molds and general resistance to pest and disease, and the vision of her general combining ability with the other cultivars in the stable.


CC30 - SFV OG x Lemon Kush. The female lended a long and branched structure to this cross with a lot of the flavor coming from the male, a Lemon Kush Humboldt Purps cross that leaned heavily to the Lemon Kush side. The CC30 is dominant in a-pinene, limonene, and b-pinene and tested at 29% TAC. Very resilient, lime- green, diamond crusted, and very hard flowers that look like indoor from the sun.

CC33 - Ebola #7 (SFV OG x Girl Scout Cookies), from HendRx Farms, crossed by a Girl Scout(Thin Mint) Purple Hazē (ancestor of Cherimoya, a project being worked on since 2011). All of the offspring from this cross were very strong, low growing and branched plants with hard golfball buds and held themselves up without much support. When their branch was pulled down they would spring back an uppercut to the chin! The CC33 phenotype was chosen for its high TAC content(29%) and meaty, substantial flavor.

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99% female


One of many things that make Johnny unique as a cannabis grower. Each strain he breeds and cultivates on his farm are unique only to Huckleberry Hill. His weed has resonated with many because it is unique.

High Times

At Canna Country, the goal is to breed for unique, rare individual terpenes and terpene profiles. They've got the whole rainbow.

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Having superstar farmers like Jason and Ridgeline representing Humboldt and the emerald cup is like having Steph Curry on your team. Not only for the best of the best in flowers, but like Steph, as a quality humble soul.

Emerald Cup Founder - Tim Blake